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The Big Race - Apr. 21

events-big-raceEvery year our Club hosts the "Big Race". This event is for children between the ages of two and nine. Before the event, children and their parents creatively construct racing vehicles (usually from cardboard boxes) to use in the race. Children compete in age brackets and must complete two laps, with a "pit-stop" between laps.

The Big Race is part of the "Week of the Young Child", a project of First 5 Shasta. Our Club is pleased to be part of this annual celebration of young children. Even more, this event encourages parents and their children to complete a hands-on project together before the race. Each year 40 to 50 families participate in the Big Race. Snacks and Juice are provided for the children.

For 2018 we have a fun "Space Race" theme for kids to use as inspiration for their race vehicles.  Of course the child's imagination can run wild and anything they can come up with is welcome! 

For a complete list of Week of the Young Child activities, please visit the First 5 Shasta website.

This event is free and all children are welcome.

Below are the details you will need to know for the race. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Big Race 2018

  • Date – Saturday April 21st
  • Time– Registration/ Check-in starts @ 9:00 am (see form below)
    • Racing begins @ 10:00 am
    • Pre-race workshop opens up @ 9:00 (for last minute repairs or for those who didn't quite have time to pull together a car!)
  • Location - K1 softball field on Parkview Avenue (on west side of library)


1. Register your child(ren) for the event using the form below.

2. Each Child/Parent race team should construct a race car (or vehicle of some sort, let the child's imagination run wild) out of cardboard. Work with your child to bring their creation to life, and help them decorate their new ride with their favorite super heroes, sports figures, family members, the list goes on and on.

3. Bring your car and other items listed below to the K1 softball field on race day.

4. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the high speed action!

On race day, your racer will need to bring:

  • Their finished race car
  • A second pair of shoes (tires)
  • Enthusiasm!

Everything else will be provided by the Active 20-30 Club of Redding and First 5 Shasta.


Previous Big Race Events

Click the links below to see some highlights from previous Big Races, and a brief informational video on how to make your car! Or visit our Facebook page to see photos from previous years.

The Big Race 2012

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