Active 20-30 Club - Membership

Top 10 reasons to become a member

  1. To meet people my own age with similar interests and passions
  2. To learn more about my community through speakers, events and relationships
  3. To take ownership in my community making it my home
  4. To make a difference through knowing the needs of my community
  5. To be a part of a global organization and long standing tradition of commitment to service
  6. To have a nationally recognized and respected resume item
  7. To be a positive influence and role model
  8. To feel good about myself knowing I am the change I want to see in the world
  9. For an opportunity in a leadership role
  10. To improve the quality of life for children in my community


How to become a member

  • Be twenty to thirty-nine years of age
  • Attend at least two Club business meetings
  • Attend at least one Club event
  • Fill out and submit your Membership Application* Form to the Membership Chair

*All membership applications are subject to board and membership approval


I am Interested in Becoming a Member