Active 20-30 Club - Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a member

  • Be twenty to thirty-nine years of age
  • Attend at least two Club business meetings
  • Attend at least one Club event
  • Fill out and submit your Membership Application* Form to the Membership Chair

*All membership applications are subject to board and membership approval

I am Interested in Becoming a Member


How to Donate to the Club

We will have the ability to take donations throught this website within the next few months.

How to Sponsor the Club

We will be looking for Club Sponsors this summer. Check back for updates.

How to Sponsor a Club Event

We are always looking for sponsors for the Sundail Film Festival and the Redding Lighted Christmas Parade. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

What are Member Benefits

  • Personal growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Friendship with peers
  • Community Service
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Social Events
  • Having Fun!

What are Club Truths

  • We are a service club
  • We are 20-39 years of age
  • We are full of life, passion and high energy
  • We raise money and collect donations for children's organizations
  • We do hands on activities
  • We're open to ideas for improving our service projects
  • We enjoy meeting new people
  • We improve the quality of life for kids
  • We form friendships
  • We create leaders

What are Club Misconceptions

  • We are a singles club
  • We are a swingers club
  • We are a drinking club
  • We are a networking and leads group
  • We are a religious based organization
  • We have a political affiliation
  • We are too young
  • We are too small
  • We are exclusive
  • We are our grandparents service club

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